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Being a little bit of a « jump on the bandwagon » guy

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Being a little bit of a « jump on the bandwagon » guy, I had the irresistible urge to follow my colleague Antonio Geraldo and list the ten albums that changed my life of a punk rocker. Of course, this list can only be described as ephemerous, as our choices are affected by our feelings of the moment and the impact it had on our lives. But at the time of writing, I firmly state that each and everyone of the following albums greatly branded my existence.

Comeback Kid – Broadcasting

Being exclusively a punk rock fan before this period, a Comeback Kid show in Calgary opened up a door for me on a more agressive and oh so satisfying sound. This door was officially busted open the day I bought Broadcasting.

RIP, door forever open…

Hot Water Music – Eponymous

The vibrant musical yet destructive expression of the Florida-based band is, for me, the musical equivalent of the blood coursing through my veins, and always will be. The energy, the passion, the melody and the poetic lyrics are all there. The album that best expresses my own passion.

Nofx – White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean

The grandest introduction to punk rock is through this album, period. If you are a little simple, I mean this is the album that got me hooked on punk. A classic that ages like a good scotch.

The Blood Brothers – Crimes

My trash and unwoven side rose to the surface thanks to this completely disjointed and absurd album. A gem for those who, like me, want to escape (psychologically speaking). Warning: the lyrics are aimed at an adult listener or at least someone accompanied by a deranged person.

Deafheaven – Sunbather

A big shoegaze shiver, this album made me listen a metal sound that I would have never paid attention to. Again, a new door had opened up for me to a brand new, completely different musical universe. I even almost showed up late to my daughter’s birth because of this album. Long story.

Blink 182 – Dude Ranch

My first pop-punk crush, late 90’s, that brought me to like Blink (I never liked Cheshire Cat), but also the festive kind of music that lets you shut off your brain. Another trait of my personality represented by a vulgar and stupid-themed album.

The Sainte Catherines – Fire Works

Sadly, the birth of thus album marked the creative end of one of my favorite bands. After my first listen, I knew that it was over. However, the mark left by Fire Works is still deeply imprinted. My go-to album for the Ste-Caths.

Choke – Slow Fade: or How I Learned to Question Infinity

The precise moment where my punk rocker mug adventured itself towards more progressive, stoner rock, post-whatever bands. Slow Fade was, for me, a kind of starting point for punk rock to go in different directions. The slowed down pace, all the while keeping the punk spirit, made me easily an addict.

Dead to Me – Cuban Ballerina

Nothing too complicated here. A perfect album that is, up to this day, one of my favorites, all styles included. Jack’s voice, as well as the passionate and hook-worthy compositions. A simple punk rock sound, but quite efficient that, like a parasite, never leaves my span of attention. Did I mention Jack’s voice?

Oversight -Somewhere Between Apprehension and Disillusion

Nothing short of the high point of skate punk, in my opinion. The moment the genre reached the sky. A unique and unattainable album, that will remain an indispensible mental punk math exercise for all lovers of the genre. I cannot help but dream of a reunion.

Writing : Marcan

Translation : Davey Bravo