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The Fest 21

Publié le 15 Nov 2023 par

The musical marathon (part 2) First of all, those who have read the article on my The Fest experience from last year could quickly guess that I was going back…

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Publié le 14 Nov 2023 par

This review was made by my dear and precious friend Stephanie. I hope you guys enjoy it as mush as I do.– Mélo The beginning of my When We Were…

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The Speakeasy: sweeter than pineapple 🍍

Publié le 03 Nov 2023 par

Pour la version française, c’est par ici : version française This month, we offer up to you the Laurentian region’s own The Speakeasy as our headliner. In order to paint…

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Headliner For November C.I.D.B

Publié le 01 Nov 2023 par

Here is french version D.I.Y. Montreal Crossover/Mosh-core band C.i.D.B. formed in 2018 featuring highly energetic songs that can appeal to fans of punk, thrash metal and hardcore. The band fronted…

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the fest 20eme édition line up officiel


Publié le 26 Oct 2023 par

First of all, those who know me well are aware that I have a big thing for music festivals. I still had one week left of vacation to take. The…

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LASTKAJ 14- Står Stött EP

Publié le 25 Oct 2023 par

If you don’t know Lastkaj 14, you probably don’t know me. I can’t shut up about them. Any opportunity is a good one to talk about their immense talent. I have…

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Being a little bit of a « jump on the bandwagon » guy

Publié le 17 Oct 2023 par

Version française Being a little bit of a « jump on the bandwagon » guy, I had the irresistible urge to follow my colleague Antonio Geraldo and list the ten albums that…

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Ciggie & The Darts Interview

Publié le 21 Nov 2022 par

Dizz–Ciggie & The Darts have been around for a few years now, but your origins are cloaked in mystery. I’m certain our readers are curious on how you all got…

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Publié le 11 Nov 2022 par

First of all, thank you for answering my few questions about your band and yourself. This will allow people who do not know you to discover you. I will let…

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