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May 2024 headliner: Global Holocaust

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Beginning of the 90’s

In 1991, the band Global Holocaust from Montreal South Shore (more precisely Longueuil) came to life. First version of the band was:

Simon Paré : Drums

Jean René Galarneau : Guitar

Chris Morin : Bass

Fred Pelland : Vocals

With these band members, G.H played two live performances in St Hyacinthe with Human Greed and BARF. Not too long after, Global decided to welcome a second guitar player, Jasmin Giroux, in 1992. With this first version of the band, from 1991 to 1997, Global Holocaust played multiple shows with bands such as Human Greed, BARF, General Fools, Self Control, Civil Disobedience, Varukers, Casualities, Psycho(Boston), Immoral Squad, November Grief, the Spider Fest 95 and many more local bands. They also released many demos and EPs.

The band’s releases in the 90’s

Demo Hope in 93

Demo Split with Tragic Error in 94

Split EP Global and Fierce in 95

EP Split Global and Obxinious Race in 96

Split EP Global and Oppressed Conscience in 96

EP Global No more 1997

EP Global Human Mistakes 1997

Split EP Global and Urban Trash 1997

CD split session with Obxinious Race 1997

End of the first version of Global who have decided to put a term to their project, after several years.

The second wave

In 2004, Global reunites once again, but with a new band member named Paul Cormier backfilling their first guitar player, Jean René. Through this rebirth, Global are often seen performing live between 2004 to 2008, during which they have also released three other EPs. In 2006, the band has decided to part ways with Jasmin and then welcomed Yanick Nadon as the second guitar player of Global. Year 2008 marks the end of the band.

Members :

Simon Paré; Drums

Fred Pelland : Vocals

Chris Morin : Bass

Jasmin : Guitar

Paul Cormier : Guitar

Yan Nadon : Guitar (2006 to 2008)

Early 2000 releases

In 2006 the EP Global and Mass Grave

Global and Dehumanized Earth 2006

EP Unequal Justice


And just like the proverb says « good things come in threes » (hehehehe) well, 2018 is no exception for Global! This time around, with this new version, Dave Després comes in as the new drummer and Jasmin Giroux takes back his guitar player role. Global were part of the Grind Your Mind Open Air 8 with Internal Bleeding, Demence, Psycho and several other bands to celebrate their comeback. During that year, Global play with Les Rektums, Alazif, Self Control, etc.

In 2020, the worldwide pandemic messed things up for almost a year and half, during which nothing happened. No live performance, no recording, everything was on hold and even for Global. Paul has decided to leave the band at that time, in August 2021.

Global welcomed K-Rol (End Of The Line, Les Rektums and former Corrupted Reputation) as their 2nd guitar player. Because of the public health restrictions still in place, Global started jamming with the new member in order to be ready as soon as the pandemic was done and over with. June 2022 marks Global‘s first show with Collapsed Under the Bridge (Van Horne in Mtl) and a series of other live performances with Xplicit Noise in Sherbrooke, Mtl and Québec. In October 2022, Global played with the almighty Dropdead at Piranha in Mtl. Things were booming for the band, starting to create songs again.


After a while, they hit the studio in Spring 2023 to record a new EP, Act Of Disaster.

Steve Bennett Memorial Show

Another series of shows followed. August 2023, Global Holocaust shoot their very first videoclip for the song Useless Death showcased on Hardcore WolrdWide and also part ways with Jasmin, which was subbed by Yan Nadon for the Varning Fest at the Piranha with bands such as Meanwhile, End of Pollution (Japan) Fractured, ATER etc. After this show, Global started looking for a new guitar player because Yan was leaving on tour with Endform. The search for a new member went fast, as K-Rol knew a great guitar player (as well as a good friend and former member of Corrupted Reputation). Guylain did not hesitate to join Global, and after only a few jams, two shows were planned, one of them being the Kickass Festival with The Spartanics, Self Control, Genetic Error, La Gachette, Unwanted Noise, Destructive and others. The 2nd show, in November 2023, took place in Trois-Rivières with the local heroes Genetic Error and the legendary Aggression for the Trois Rivières Metalfest.

To this day

Global Holocaust promote their new EP Act of Disaster, for which a few gigs have been booked in Mtl, Trois-Rivières, Coaticook and more dates to come.

Members :

Fred Pelland : Vocal

Chris Morin : Bass

Dave Després : Drums

Jasmin Giroux : Guitar (2018 to 2023)

Paul Cormier : Guitar (2018 to 2021)

K-Rol : Guitar (2021 to this day)

Guylain Meilleur : Guitar (2023 to this day)


EP : Act Of Disaster 2024

Here’s a list of bands Global Holocaust shared the scene with:

Macabre, Extreme Noise Terror, Acidez, Mass Grave, Meanwhile, Hard charger, Hiatus, Soothsayer, Aggression, Drop Dead, Psycho, Endform, Collapsed, BARF, Civic Disobediance, Piss Rot, Fleas and Lices, State of Fear, Anal Cunt, Human Greed, Self Control, Genetic Error, Xplicit Noise, le Spider Fest, Vancouver Fest and many more.

Projects (former or current) from the members :

Fred P : Disagree, HellBound, Hang them All and Collapsed

Chris Morin: Revolted Vermins, Apocalyptic Approach, Konfront, Excrete Cowboy, Nilistic Nobs and Last Rockers (drums)

Dave Després: Konfront, Collapsed and Shred it

K-Rol: Corrupted Reputation, Les Rektums, End Of The Line, Damnation (Bass) and Hold A Grudge ( Bass)

Guylain: Corrupted Reputation, Voor, Skullmace and many tribute bands Slayer, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Flogging Molly

Review: Marie-Ève Brunet
Translation: Jessica Peach