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Outhouse records presents Brig’em in

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One cool thing of writing for a webzine is having access to releases before everyone else does. This compilation has 16 songs from eight different bands. Before listening to this great album, I only knew one of them. You’ll stay awake during your road trip while listening to these fast punk tracks. The bands all come from different cities, which brings a refreshing diversity to our ears. Some songs manage to stick a couple of musical itches, while others are perfect to let off steam, but one thing is fore sure, there is a heck lot of talent on this! The independant label, located on a small island between Vancouver and Victoria, has decided to reunite these amazing people to create a masterpiece. A guy from Mean Bikini and one from Real Mean started it. So here it is, Outhouse Records presents Bring’em in vol 1.

Photo credit : Facebook Outhouse records

Shame Banger

The first band is from Seattle, Washington, Shame Banger. They describe themselves as post punk or empathy core. Their songs are A Modest proposal and Our Fortress. I love that the bass is upfront on Our Fortress. The vocals really are unique, a mix between harsh and resounding, which strangely sounds good. You can definetely feel the mood of the song. As if they were carrying us into their own little world. The band has four members, one bass, one guitar, one drum and vocals.

Photo credit : Facebook Shame Banger

Mean Bikini

The second band, Mean Bikini, is a band from Cumberland in British Columbia. As advertised on their Bandcamp : « Mostly queer, sometimes political… » these first words summarize the lyrics to their songs. And for the record, these songs reveal a perfect blend between skate punk, fast punk and even hardcore. Executive Disfunction and Growing pains were trully meant for this compilation. Listening to their sound reminded me of the kind of music I was listening to back when I was 14-15 years old and riding. (I know, it was a long time ago).

Photo credit : Bandcamp, Mean Bikini


Here we are in Calgary, Alberta with Harsh. This band also identifies as queer, but mostly feminist. The female fronted vocals, delicate and without pretention, brings us in a whole completely direction. The songs Jam Cat and Song 2 allow us to discover how good the band is, thanks to their musical variations cleverly done. There are also four members and clearly are enthousiastic and vivid to sign from their guts.

Photo credit : Facebook Harsh

They call it chaos

Here’s the fourth band. They are from Niagara in Ontario. They call it chaos is a skate punk band, fronted by a fast and clean male vocalist. Their songs Dear Chris and Beelzebubl are fast and rythmic, and we love it. A new member has joined the band only a few months ago, and you can’t even tell. They have a great chemistry and it’s the kind of band that could easily be heard in a skate movie. Musically speaking, they are gifted. You can feel that three of the members have known each others for several years. They look fulfilled and I believe that this is what makes them so good. They have their place on Outhouse Records presents Bring’em in vol 1.

Photo credit : Facebook They call it chaos

The grinning Barretts

For the fifth band, it’s a different style of punk. And it’s one style that I personally like, celtic punk. The Grinning Barretts come from Ladysmith in British Columbia, but they manage to carry us away in the celtic countries. They have everything to please us: bagpipes, experienced musicians and a perfectly gruff voice for this kind of music. If you have read some of my other reviews, you know how I love sing alongs; it’s unifying and this is what they do in I Remember. However, in Polarity and Vitriol, they showcase how unique they are. They play punk celtic their own way, and it sounds like a ton of bricks.

Photo credit : Colin Smith takes pics


The sixth band is the only one from Québec on this compilation. But they take their place well. I’ve seen them perform live before and trust me, you don’t want to miss them. I already knew Maverick, and it’s because of them that I wanted to listen to this whole album. I’ve had the chance to interview these guys, who are so nice. Besides, if you’d like to read it, here’s the link to their interview. It’s a true fast punk band with a slight hardcore edge. I’ve rarely seen that much talent reunited on one stage at the same time. With the guttural vocals and harmonical, as well as fast and colorful music, they know how to make the crowd move. In Bleeding, it’s their common sound, but I had a crush for Johnny’s Rollin’ which will make you stomp your foot on the ground.

Photo credit : Maverick

Real Mean

You might know Pilsgnar more. They have recently changed their name when their lead guitar left the band, out of respect for him, and they are now known as Real Mean. This band is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Again this is fast punk, but with vocals that are particularly high and roached. It’s surprisingly pleasant to the ear. This creates a unique sound. Like the rest of the bands, they have an incredible talent that shows in their songs. It’s harmonious, it rocks and it’s tight. This is another band that I’ll try to catch if they ever come.

Photo credit : Facebook Pislgnar

No Brainer

Last, but not least. A band from Calgary in Alberta. No Brainer is more of a melodic punk band, almost Californian. Cultist makes me think of a mix between Face to Face and new Strung Out. This is very interesting, knowing that these bands are much appreciated in the punk rock scene. On Parasite, you’ll hear a completely different voice, which almost sounds like Fat Mike. But still, they have their own sound and they’re not trying to mimic anything else. That’s why I like what I hear. I’ll look at more of their stuff because it’s definetely my style. They also have that special talent of being able to play and sing at the same time; you know, this talent that we’d all like to have.

Photo credit : Facebook No Brainer

Outhouse Fest IV

In summary, if I only had to use one word to describe this amazing compilation, I’d go without any doubt with « excellent ». I’ve always liked compils, because I did not have enough money to buy tons of cassettes or CDs when I was young. And also, it’s not hard at all to appreciate the overall work and talent that’s on the album. If you feel like traveling in Western Canada this summer, Outhouse Fest IV is hosted next September 6 and 7 on a farm in Pender Island, British Columbia. A fest like we like them, with a camping site and 2 days of punk shows. Outhouse Records presents Bring’em in vol 1.

Writing : Mélissa Magne

Editing : Josée Marcoux

Review: Julie Fortin

Translation: Jessica Peach