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February 2024’s headliner: Unsanitary

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Unsanitary is streetpunk crust band that tends to go in many different directions, all thanks to the musical repertoire of its members.

Unsanitary rose from Steve’s idea back in Spring 2020, which came to fruition in Pat‘s basement who had just moved to Sainte-Praxède, deep in the woods, about 5 minutes from Disraëli. Unsanitary, it’s Patricia at vocals (from Drummond, never had a band but is a thrash master 🤣), Dom (from Granby) playing the drums – former Désordre Mental – and Dave (from Granby) at the guitar. He used to play with Victims of corruption, as well as He Lies In Run. Then joined Steve (de from Sherbrooke Stratford) at vocals. Dom and Dave were in charge of the music, while Pat and Steve were writing lyrics. « We were jamming one or two nights a week, and ended up with 13 songs. We were looking for a bass playing and turns out it wasn’t so easy given our location: we’re in a no man’s land. We finally found someone, Stef from Fidel Fiasco, but the distance and his schedule with Fidel did not allow him to fully dive in our project, Unsanitary« . Then, Rawx from The Bombs joined but after two jams, she decided that her new mom life and other personal reasons, it wasn’t possible for her to travel such distance.

We continued our search, and we found Vicky from Trois-Rivières, also bass player with Chiens Errants. She came for one jam, and has never left since. After only a few weeks with our new partner, Steve has decided to leave the band because of time constraints and personal reasons. Unsanitary decided to go on with only one vocal leader, Pat. Two days after this news, Unsanitary played their first official show in Dave Lemire‘s garage, on May 6, 2023.

Since then, we’re playing shows, we’re recording and we are putting together new songs.

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