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Bury Me On The South Shore – Unwanted Noise

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The presentation

A lot of us were impatiently waiting on this release. Not that we were starting to lose faith or anything, but « Bury Me On The South Shore » was slowly becoming an urban legend! The plan was to start recording in 2022, but different delays and problems occurred, pushing the release to Winter 2023 and eventually to Spring 2024. Now we can finally boost this new opus in our ears.

« Bury Me On The South Shore » is the third studio album from Unwanted Noise, a street punk band hailing from Montreal’s south shore who have made their way into the underground scene, all thanks to their brutal energy. After releasing two albums which appealed to fans of this musical genre, it is with a eagerness that this latest release was awaited. It was more than about time that the South Shore Chaos Punkers offer new material to their fans. Let’s see if the band has succeeded at maintaining their standards.

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The sound

Right from the beginning, « Bury Me On The South Shore » instantly hits you in the face with its solid and impactful production. The quality of the recording has upgraded compared to their other albums, while keeping the typical DIY authenticity proper to street punk. The guitars are abrasive, the bass echoes with power and the drums hit with a ferocious precision.

The titles from this album are somehow familiar, yet innovative. You’ll find classic elements such as fast and sharp riffs, backvocals and dissending lyrics. Unwanted Noise also incorporate interesting different rythmics and catchy melodies, which brings a whole new dimension to their sound.

The meaning

The lyrics from « Bury Me On The South Shore » pursue their protesting and rebellious message. The themes will go from social injustice to political resistance, by more personal topics. The self-titled song, « Bury Me On The South Shore« , raises a strong connection to our roots and a deep will to fight for our convictions.

You can tell the lyrics are more mature and thoughtful with songs like « Apathy » and « Regrets« , while sticking to the rage for which Unwanted Noise is known for. « Apathy » honors apathy as being a positive force allowing us to stay true to ourselves and resist to social pressure. When adopting a detached attitude, you find freedom and pride, while inspiring others to do the same. It’s an ode to emotional independance and the importance to live according to your own beliefs, despite de critics and external challenges.

« Regrets » cruelly reminds us of universal topics such as regrets and nostalgia, while encouraging us to look forward and accept the choices we’ve made in the past. It’s a reminder to live our lives here and now, and learn how to cope with regrets in a constructive way.

The band did not hesitate to approach difficult subjects with a desarming honesty, which makes the listening experience captivating. Aside from the #2 title on the album, it was entirely composed by Nick and we can tell that he has gained some level of wisdom and maturity in his writing process.

The performances

The performances from the band members on this album are remarkable. Nick, the lead vocal, delivers the lines with an intensity that never fades. His hoarse voice adds a layer to the lyrics’s depth. The guitar players show an impressive technical mastery while maintaining agressive riffs, necessary to the genre. The rythmic is untouchable, offering a strong base that propels each song to an unstoppable strenght.

Strong points

Authenticity : Despite being « cleaner », the album keeps its raw authenticity, essential to street punk.

Energy : The album is energetic from beginning to end, each track being a call to action.

Lyrics : Powerful and thoughtful lyrics, addressing relevant en profound topics.

In conclusion

« Bury Me On The South Shore » is a strong statement from Unwanted Noise. It’s an intense and passionate opus, that anchers Unwanted Noise‘s place in the contemporary punk landscape.

If you like street punk, this album is essential. For those of you discovering this musical genre, « Bury Me On The South Shore » is a great start, presenting a raw and authentic outlook of what street punk has to offer at its best.

European side : Ronce Records; Maniac Attack Records; Emergency Records; Zone Alternative Distro; Incredible Noise Records; Under Attack Records; Revolting Kids Records.

North-American side : Truckstop Toilet Records ; Dismantled Records; Pils Records.

Writing : Claudia Bo

Translation: Jessica Peach