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Headliner For November C.I.D.B

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D.I.Y. Montreal Crossover/Mosh-core band C.i.D.B. formed in 2018 featuring highly energetic songs that can appeal to fans of punk, thrash metal and hardcore.

The band fronted by the insane Jimmy Jankins on guitar, vocals and occasionally drums and Mischa on drums and vocals has attained notoriety playing in every basement and house show that would let them in their earlier days.

The most recent line up is filled out with gay porn star/lizard man Ral-Jiktar on bass, the Indian guitarwizard Shakti and the wacky live energy of Jay on vocals.

Their most recent self-titled EP was released on Pils Records and features recordings of some of the fan favorites off their demo.

Their ability to mix multiple styles of extreme music has made them a fan favorite live. If you see them in a more punk setting, you will be treated with a classic punk sound with songs like Oida, 80HD and Gay for Pay. If you catch them at a heavier hardcore/metal show, you will be hit by loud heavy riffs from songs like That’s all Folks, Credit Alchemist or Hook, Line, Sinker. One thing that is certain when you see them live, you will see their now classic song Bedbugs live, so you should learn the lyrics.

Well known for their DIY ethic, the band books a lot of its own shows and cultivates a scene based on partying and having fun.

Their multiple clips for their EP can be found on Youtube on the HCWW channel. Self-edited and self-produced, you can spot their many friends from Balm Squad, Unwanted Noise, Dumbass & Shit Happens and witness the entertaining madness of their live shows.

video for the song 80HD that you can find on their tape release by Pils Records

Along with their digital video clip presence, tattoo and gay icon Ral has an active Onlyfans page where he shows off his full body lizard man tattoo and so much more.

The band is excited to announce that they will be heading in studio this winter to record a new album featuring new material which such deep and complex subjects like the epidemic of traffic cones in the streets of Montreal and about being too old to mosh.

They are also enthused to announce they will be participating in a live Pils session in the summer of 2024, which will feature even more new songs and a few of their favorites covers.

They are very active in the Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall and Quebec area. If you have a chance to see them live, we strongly suggest you check them out. You will have fun, it’s guaranteed!

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