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Tête d’affiche septembre 2023

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Balm Squad : The Beginning

Balm Squad was born at the tail end of the pandemic with the goal of blending elements of post punk and street punk. The band is composed of Ricky on lead, Mike on rhythm, Matty on bass, Aaron on the drums and Griffin on vocals. The elements of both post punk and street punk can be heard in Ricky’s melodic chorus heavy leads and Mikes frantic overdriven riffs. The explosive rhythm section fills everything out, with Aaron blasting on drums and Matty ripping on bass. The last core element was added when Griffin was selected to front the band. Griffin’s commanding voice and charismatic stage presence tie everything together.

Experience and Support by

Balm squad is a mixed bag in more ways than one. Half of the members are in their mid 30s and bring with them that experience that comes with being a veteran to both the scene and the road. The band’s experience is broad having come from bands like Whiskey Shits, Alcohol Fueld, Ataxia, AdHaeros and Ripcordz. The younger half of the band brings a high level of energy to the stage and fresh ideas to the table. This mix fosters a space where new and veteran creative forces meld.

The band is supported by more than just the people seen on stage. Recording engineering is handled by Chany, band management by Dizz at Pils Records. Graphic design is taken care of by Mel, and visual arts done by Jesse Germs and Hobbes. Last but not least Adam the recurring guest performer on the sax!

Future Plans

Balm Squad came out of the studio running with their Point of No Return EP and they don’t plan on slowing down. The band has an upcoming Eastern Canada tour in September supporting Calgary’s Motherfuckers for their 25th anniversary. Just after that they are playing with Agent Orange at Ottawa’s Brass Monkey, and Anti Heros at Montreal’s FouFounes Electriques. Once Winter hits, the band will be back in the studio to put down their next EP titled Dark Times. Balm Squad is looking forward to a busy next year with their eyes set on the US and Europe, and planning their first full length LP.

Balm Squad new song Dark Times secret under the bridge show

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