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First of all, thank you for answering my few questions about your band and yourself. This will allow people who do not know you to discover you. I will let you introduce yourself and tell us what exactly you do in the band.

Cordie – I shred deadly riffs and solos.

Pedro – I hang out with these assholes and pretend that I know how to play the drums.

Tim Fueled – I drink and smoke.

Dizz – Have you played or do you play in other bands other than Phane?

Cordie – I’ve played in way to many bands, but right now I’m also drumming in Brutalize (with Pedro) and doing vocals in Scheme.

Pedro – Yeah I play in a bunch but can’t remember the names on top of my head at the moment. I’ll have to check Discogs when I’m sober.

Tim Fuedled  – I play in another band with Pedro call Blix.

Dizz – According to Discogs, your first release was in 2017, so how long has Phane been around?

Cordie – Phane started jamming in early 2017, I think March or April, and we played our first show in June that year. Several of the original songs (from 10 Charged Trax) I had written long before, and was really just waiting to find the right group of people to do it with.  A few of them were actually originally written for my old band Kaiten, but we broke up before we ever got around to jamming them.

Dizz – Since the beginning of Phane, has there been any members changes? If so, what changes have been made to the band.

Cordie– Our first singer Poppers left the band in early 2021, since then Tim’s been rocking the vocals.

Pedro – We had another singer and now we have a new one. They are both nice guys who like to drink. So we all get along real good.

Dizz – Phane comes from Vancouver and you come from Western Canada, do you find it difficult to make yourself known in the Eastern Canada? Have you done shows in the East since the creation of Phane?

Cordie – Well, being from Western Canada, we are a bit geographically isolated, considering the border being what it is (shit) and the rest of the country is concentrated far away, it can be difficult to get known out there. But since we’ve played Varning Fest out in Montreal twice now, and we’ve toured all over the Eastern U.S. I think some people know about us. We’ll be making our way out there to tour soon though, really looking forward to that!

Pedro – We’ve been around the block a couple times.

Dizz – Have you ever toured outside of Canada? If you have done more than one ( I know of Mexico this summer) which tour did you enjoy the most and why.

Cordie – We’ve toured both coasts of the U.S.A., Mexico, Europe (15 countries or so), U.K. and Russia so far, so we’ve been pretty busy. I’ve really enjoyed every tour we’ve done, as I appreciate all the different places and cultures. Also, these guys are my best friends and it’s always a blast to tear up the globe with your mates.

Pedro– I pissed on the Vatican! and got yelled at by Russian Police. I am a man of the world.

Tim Fueled – I have only toured Mexico with Phane and other than one impromptu show in Vancouver, those were the first I’d played with them.  It was hot, sweaty, chaos and I loved it.

Dizz – For your last two releases, Phobia Records released them on vinyl, does Phobia Records plan to release your next one too?

Cordie – Yes Phobia Records will be releasing all of our records, we’ve got a really good thing going with them.

Dizz – How does your collaboration work with them? If I’m not mistaken, they are the ones who will release the split with Fractured.

Cordie – Yes they are putting that one out too, which should be in our hands any day now. We basically write deadly punk and get the record layout together and they put them out and distribute them around the world. Of course we get a cut of that, in form of records which we sell at gigs and on our bandcamp page.

Dizz – In the near future, what can we expect for Phane? Releases? Tour? Merch?

Cordie – We’re recording a new LP and two split seven inches pretty soon.  We also have some plans for touring in 2023, but nothing is ready to be announced yet.

Dizz – For the end, I leave you the last words and you can say what you want.

Cordie – Stay punk or die a coward!

Pedro – Go Hard or Go Home!

Tim Fueled – Don’t be a pussy

No Mercy

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